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I’m Dr. Sandeep Gupta, founder of DV Stocks commodities and currencies. We are focused on providing investment advice on stocks, commodities currencies and their derivatives.

In this article, we’d speak about Bulls, Bears and a Third animal in the jungle of stock markets. We’d get to that.

Whenever, we speak of market direction, we think of only two terms Bullish (Up) or Bearish (Down). I have been associated with stocks/financial markets for almost 30 years, my affair with Stocks started at tender age of 12 when my father applied for the first IPO of his life.

I was curious about curiosity of my Dad for the stocks and I used to learn financial magazine such as Dalal Street and ET along with him. As I kept growing up, I realized most of the people (as much as 95%) liked to be in Bull’s camp, as that’s the easiest way to play markets and also more profitable as Indian markets have been in Bull phase since 1992.

Nevertheless markets were always notorious for its severe down-turn they’d take as they showed time and again (1991, 2000, 2007-08, 2012-13). During these times, Bulls lost anywhere between 25-35% in terms of benchmark Indexes (such as NIFTY/Sensex) and as much as 50-80% if they were owning Mid/Small cap stocks.

In rest of the years Poor Bears would either have to stay in hibernation (idle) or suffer severe losses that would wipe them out for good.

Hence, we clearly needed a third animal who can profit both from rising and falling markets. This is where the Wolf emerges. Wolf transforms itself into a Bull or into a Bear according to conditions. He’d stay Bullish as long as conditions are favourable and turn into a Bear when he senses that Bulls are exhausted and can’t climb higher anymore.

So, if anyone asks me- Sir, are you a Bull? I’d stay silent…

The guy would smirk and ask me almost mockingly … oh, are you a Bear then???

I’d still stay silent…

This would confuse him to max… then he’d ask - don’t you function in stock markets???

Then, I’d break my silence and tell – dear.. I’m neither a Bull nor a Bear, I’m a Wolf who kills both Bulls and Bears when they have outrun their courses. I’m the animal that is on top of the food chain when it comes to jungle of stocks.

I’m sure this would wake up senses in you and you’d understand the importance of this rare breed, the Third Animal, the Wolf. Come to me and I shall teach you how to be a Wolf and act like a Wolf… Come join us, be a Wolf…

Wolf TM is a stock markets term coined by Dr. Sandeep Gupta and used as a Trademark as well.

You can watch the video here as well…

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