Dear Readers,

I’m Dr. Sandeep Gupta. I’m the doctor who works on your financial health.

I’ve been seeing financial markets since 1989 and I’m one of the few experts in India and probably in the world who can guide your investments in diverse asset classes such as Stocks, Commodities, and Currencies with equal proficiency.

If this doesn’t arouse your interest I can also guide you in Derivatives trading and hedging by derivatives. I have mastered the art of selling options over the last nine years and my major profit in personal portfolio comes through selling options.

Fusion Analysis:I work on principles of Fusion Analysis (which is the combination of principles of Fundamental +Technical+ Quantitative Analysis) and I’m one of the few Fusion Analysts you’d see in India.

My Qualifications:My qualifications are an MBBS, MD, MBA, a Hedge Fund Programme from London Business School, followed by a CAIA. In a nutshell, I’d be more qualified as compared to at least 99.9% of Analysts/Experts you see anywhere including TV.

Ran a Hedge Fund:In my past stints, I’ve run a hedge fund for three years 2009 to 2012, and have been running DV Stocks since 2015.

Predicted Fall of Bitcoin and Rise of Crude: I ve predicted some of the major moves in financial markets – one of the most famous one is fall of Bitcoin. When world was going Gaga over Bitcoin (at >19,000$/BTC) I predicted its fall and since then it hit $3,000/BTC (in April 2019).
I also predicted rise of Brent Crude when it was around $30 per barrel (in early 2016) – that it had hit the bottom. Since then it has risen 2.5x to hit $77 per barrel.

Future – Fall of Equities in next 6-12 Months: Now, my biggest prediction is that (as at April 2019) v have hit peak on all the stock markets globally and S&P 500 at ~2950, NIFTY at 11,800, DAX @ 12300 , FTSE @ 7400 are all ripe for a fall in next six to 12 months.
I.e. long-term investors should book profit and wait for major down trend to emerge in early to mid-2020, that’d be the right time to buy stocks.
The reason for thesis is we have had inversion of yield curve in USA in month of Dec-2018, inversion of yield curve usually precedes recession by 12-18 months. Furthermore, to fight inversion of yield curve, central banks will reduce short term interest rates that will increase liquidity, which in fact will cause rise of stocks for a quarter or so and then we’ll see beginning of the end from Q4 of this calendar year.

Future – Rise of Gold, $ and Yen in next 18-30 Months: All the safe havens such as Gold, Yen, US$ will rise for next 18 to 30 months, while equities will soften in 2020.
My expertise on such wide variety of assets arise from deep grounding in economics, finance and knowledge of technical and quantitative analysis including application of statistics to discover the price anomalies in markets.

Future – Developed Stock-Rock: I’ve developed my own system called Stock-rock that guides when to buy and sell the financial assets such stocks, commodities and currencies. I’ve developed a few new Greeks (for derivatives trading) that enables me to optimize the risk/reward of an option portfolio.

Managing a Diversified Portfolio of Equities, Commodities and Currencies: In summary, I’m capable of beating markets and managing a most diversified portfolio that would be consisting of Equities, Commodities and Currencies. Besides this, I can hedge the portfolio in most cost effective way, knowing when and how much of the portfolio should be hedged.

Wealth with Sound Sleep: This is gist about me, given to you so that you can make an informed decision when you wish to hire my services.
I shall be pleased to make you wealthier, while you can sleep more peacefully too.
Thank You

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